Sunday, October 23, 2016


At many points in my life, I have felt the need to focus on my blessings and all the goodness in my life. It is very easy to complain. I have been complaining consistently for over a year now. And throughout this time, I keep returning to the call to be more grateful and less selfish. I have not been very successful in that endeavor. It's probably like anything, I'm guessing, in that it's a matter of discipline.

In order to stay in a place of gratitude, I must train my mind to refrain from complaints, particularly those with no solution, and refocus on the positives. I cannot allow my mind to go wherever it wants to go. I must guide my thoughts and intentionally turn away from some of them.

To that end, I'm going to start a "daily gratitude" habit. My morning and night prayers will be focused on giving thanks. And, when I have a moment here and there, I will record my gratitudes. I'm re-training my mind. Here's today's gratitude:

Oct. 23, 2016-
Walking through the woods with my little man on a sunny day...he told me that a bear, skunk, hedgehog, wolf, and sheep all lived together in a small cave that we passed. He then told me stories about their adventures together. He fits perfectly into my world; God made Him so well. At the same time, there are many moments that I'm stretched to fit into his world, which is not always so easy but often very rewarding.

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